Student Registration Information

School registration for all new students entering Grades Kindergarten through 12 takes place at Dr. John Grieco Elementary School, 50 Durie Avenue, Room 108,  Mondays - Fridays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  

Evenide Fanfan-Vilcean, District Registrar, can be reached at (201) 862-6225 or 862-6212 for a registration appointment.

The school registration office is open year round.  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten registration for September takes place in the spring.  Registration begins in June for older children who are transferring into the Englewood Public Schools for September.

 To attend the Englewood Public Schools, children must be residents of Englewood.  Please bring all required information and completed forms to your registration appointment.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration for Fall 2017

If your child is not currently enrolled in the district, use the link in the box to the right to begin registering your child for Pre-K or Kindergarten.  When you open the link, follow the instructions and click on the picture indicated to get started. Enter all requested information regarding the student and guardian.   To complete the registration process,  a parent/guardian must provide (in person) acceptable documentation establishing the custodial relationship, age of the child, immunization records, legal access to the claimed domicile and proof of active use of that same address.  The registration package defines acceptable documents to meet these requirements.

Families having difficulty meeting the documentation requirement should explain the problem by calling for an appointment prior to the dates of registration.  The district will provide assistance to the best of its ability for families living in Englewood whose circumstances prevent them from meeting the standard document requirements.

The district will hold 3 evening sessions of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten registration from 5:00 - 8:00 PM  on March 7, 8 and 9, 2017.   For more information call (201) 862-6225 or 862-6212.  

You will find the Registrar's Office address and the Registration Packet and other required forms on this page.