World Languages Program

The early childhood and elementary World Language Program is made available to all students.  Spanish and Mandarin are taught in 40-minute intervals, twice a week at Quarles, while at Grieco Elementary, students follow an immersion model in grades 1-3 anywhere between 40-60 minutes daily.


The 4th - 6th grade students at McCloud Elementary are taught via a world languages related arts program that integrates language, arts and music.  Students at Dismus Middle School (7-8) are targeted to participate in a two-year course intended to prepare them for entrance into a second year program at the high school  level.  Students at Dwight Morrow High School have the option of entering at level II (based on their language ability) and continue their language learning until reaching Honors/AP level.

One Way Immersion Program

The OWIP is a bilingual program much like the Dual Language Program, with the exception that the program is made available to student in one language group and who have been in a US school for 3 years or less.

In addition to DLP goals 1, 3 and 4 , the OWIP is design to:

  • Prepare students to enter the mainstream or DLP with facility
  • Ensure that English language learners receive the opportunity of an equitable educational environment for academic achievement

All EPSD Bilingual/ESL staff incorporate WIDA proficiency standards as well as ESL curriculum standards into daily instruction.  The program is available to students entering the 2nd grade through high school.

English as a Second Language

ESL is provided to students who are native of another language other than Spanish/English.  ESL student in grades 1-8 are serviced for one (45 minute) period daily.  Pre-K and Kindergarten students are serviced 2-3 times a week.


Middle and high school students are offered a lab in addition to their ESL instruction.  The lab is supported by Pearson products (System 44 or Read 180) to offer additional literacy instruction in English.  Students in grades 1-6 are serviced mainly in a pull-out format, in which students are provided instruction utilizing Balanced Literacy, WIDA and ESL standards.  Middle school and high school students receive services as class/cohort or by level of English proficiency.


The Departmentalized ESL Program is available at the high school level, where Spanish-native speakers receive content instruction in their native language (Spanish only).  As referred to in the One Way Program description, the goal is to further support the departmentalized program via the One-Way methodology by September 2016.