Welcome to the DMHS Health Office

Barbara Manche, RN, CSN, MPA

Phone: 201-862-6045 

Fax: 201-833-1996


School nursing is a specialized practice of nursing, which protects and promotes student health, wellness, and disease prevention. Located in the school’s health office, the School Nurse combines health care and education, facilitates optimal development, and advances academic success

The School Nurse identifies health and emotional problems that may interfere in the student’s education, and then works with students, families, and staff to ensure all students are safe and ready to learn. Services include but are not limited to, preventive health by providing health education, health maintenance, health screening, necessary therapeutic intervention, and care of sick and injured students and staff.

The School Nurse assists students and parents in the management of health needs while in school and the coordination of care in the home, school, and community