Health Services

Julie Klapper
Quarles Nurse201-862-6112
Nancy Norell
Grieco Nurse201-862-6165
Ketsia Sadler
McCloud Nurse201-862-6148
Denise Londono
JDMS Nurse201-862-6021
Barbara Manche
DMHS Nurse201-862-6045


Services Provided to Students

A full time registered nurse is available throughout the day providing the following services:

  • Care of Students and Staff
    • First Aid
    • Nursing assessment for illness
    • Nursing intervention for chronic health problems
    • Health Counselling and referrals
    • Accident Reports
    • Act as a medical liaison for students who have a temporary or chronic disability
  • State Mandated Screening
    • Hearing (10th Grade)
    • Postural (9th and 11th Grades)
    • Height and Weight (9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades)
    • Vision (10th grade)
    • Upon request of student/parent/teacher individual screening may be conducted
  • Physicals
    • Assist the School Physician with annual exams during the school year for new students and student who need working papers
  • Medication Administration
    • Oversee/administer medication as prescribed by private physician
    • Please note: New Jersey law prohibits the dispensing of medication in a school without a written doctor's order and written parental consent. Over- the-counter-Medication also needs a written doctor’s order and written parental consent
  • Maintenance of Student Health/Immunization Records
    • Health records for each student maintained throughout student career including: medical history, immunizations, physical exams and screening results
    • Immunization records: Ensure that all students' immunizations are complete according to NJ State Requirements. In adherence with NJ State Law, students will be excluded from school for incomplete immunization records
  • Guidelines for School Attendance
    • A student with a fever of 99.8 or above, vomiting or diarrhea should remain at home until 24 hours after symptoms have resolved.
    • Communicable diseases Strep Throat and Conjunctivitis (pink eye) require 24 hours of treatment before a student can return to school
    • Students with Chickenpox must not return to school until all lesions are scabbed over (5-7 days). *Communicable diseases will be monitored and reported to the Board of Health as necessary
    • *Students who become ill while school is in session must see the school nurse before contacting a parent/guardian to go home
  • Environmental Health
    • Identify environmentally sensitive students and staff
    • Collaborate with Administration and Board of Health to provide a safe school environment
    • Collaborate with staff/administration to effectively deal with potential crisis intervention and safety issues
    • Collaborate with staff/administration to identify students with special needs