Sick Day Guidelines for Parents and Guardians

To maintain the health and well-being of your child and other students, the following information may be helpful.

  • Mild Respiratory Tract Illnesses: Most children will not need to be excluded unless accompanied by fever or behavioral changes. If the child has asthma, please monitor for asthmatic symptoms at home and keep the child home if he/she has breathing difficulties or received emergency treatments before school.

  • Diarrhea: A student should be kept home unless the student is known to have diarrhea from a documented medical condition. The student may return to school when symptoms resolve.

  • Fever: A student should be kept home with a temperature of 99.5 or higher, or if he/she does not look well with a low grade fever. The student may return to school when signs and symptoms of illness have resolved and there has been no fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medication.

  • Rash: A student should be kept at home if the rash is accompanied by a fever, behavioral changes, or until a physician has determined that the rash is not a communicable disease.

  • Vomiting: A student must be kept at home if there is active vomiting with or without fever, two or more times during a 24 hour period. At times vomiting can be caused by anxiety, crying, or coughing, which would not warrant exclusion from school.


Injuries and Physical Education Excuses

Students arriving to school with crutches or a cast/brace MUST see the nurse and have a physician’s note stating the diagnosis and requirement for use of crutches in the school. The note should state the duration of time that the student must stay out of PE and when to return. Students involved in the Athletic program may be placed on crutches or have a brace from the Athletic trainer. The trainer will contact the School Nurse and the student will be excused from PE.

Students with stitches must see the School Nurse before PE class. They will be excused from PE class until their stitches are removed.

The School Nurse is not allowed to excuse a student from Physical Education due to an illness without a Physician’s order:

Englewood Board of Education has an accident policy for students injured while in school. If your child is hurt in school, the School Nurse will complete her part of the form. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to complete and submit the remaining parts of the form. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the School Nurse.

  • If you child was hurt while participating in the athletic program, please speak with the Athletic trainer.