Bilingual / ESL / World Languages

Assessments and Program Components

ELL Entry Exam (W-APT Assessment)

The assessment is used as a baseline and then aligned to the Spring to Spring NJDOE ACCESS exam. Accounting of entry into the program is established when a student demonstrates limited proficiency on the W-APT exam.

ELL Exit Exam (ACCESS)

Exit qualifications are met via the ACCESS for ELL’s or district-wide benchmarks that include multi-exit criterion (teacher and administrative recommendation. Exceptions to the placement policy can derive from the (I&RS) committee and/or student IEP. The assessment helps to determine annual yearly progress.

Other assessments considered in the multi-exit criterion are:

  • State and District exams such as STAR Early Literacy, STAR Literacy, STAR MATH & DRA’s (the latter if applicable)
  • Portfolio
  • Progress reports
  • Administrative recommendation

Students must score an average increase of one scale score per year. The ultimate goal is for each student to reach a 4.5 overall score. The latter identifies complete fluency and proficiency in English.

Other Assessments

Students learning Spanish as a second language will be provided with Common Formative Assessments (CFI’s) to measure their language abilities through content. Additionally, students in grades 3-6 will be administered STAR SPANISH. Students at Dwight Morrow High School who participate in the New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy certification will take a state-approved exam using national standards.

Program Components

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The program has an instructional component, parental component and a staff development component. The instructional component reflects grade level curriculum objectives that are aligned with New Jersey Standards. Through the parental component, parent sessions are scheduled to provide the same with an understanding of how bilingual education has evolved. In the same way, sessions are prepared to offer parents opportunities to learn more about the methodology (techniques and strategies) that are offered within EPSD.
Program Design

EPSD has chosen to implement both the team Dual Language concept and Independent Dual classrooms. For all intents and purposes, the Independent Dual and One-Way classrooms have the same design. The Independent Dual and One-Way classes are led by one bilingual teacher. However, the Dual Language team is composed of two teachers, one of them being bilingual. All teachers provide instruction in core curriculum areas as well as in language arts. The Dual Language program spans from Pre-Kindergarten through the sixth grade, the One-Way Program begins in second grade and spans through the eighth grade with plans to continue it through high school. World Languages (Mandarin and Spanish) are offered PK-12th grade, while French and Latin are being offered at the high school level.

Program Sites

Englewood Public School District - Intranet - ManageSite Resources

The Dual Language program begins at Quarles Early Learning Center, continues onto Grieco Elementary School and culminates at McCloud Elementary School. The One-Way Immersion program is currently being provided at Grieco and Mc Cloud Elementary Schools.

Dual Language Programs

Offered in our schools since 1993, the DLP is an option for students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 6. The design consists of primary language maintenance and development of second-language enrichment. It services English language learners and monolingual English speaking students. The goals are to:

  • develop bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cognitive skills in English language learners
  • develop functional bilingual and bi-literacy skills in monolingual English speaking students
  • promote cross-cultural, racial and ethnic tolerance
  • foster an understanding of and appreciation for diversity

Goals and objectives are achieved by using a natural approach to primary and secondary language development and acquisition via content area instruction. EPSD's DLP adheres to a 50%-50% language distribution to linguistically diverse students. The cohort of students is created with the basis of newly enrolled English language learners in grades P, K & 1 and then closely paired with students whose parents choose to enroll in the lottery and who are selected via the same process. The DLP follows the EPSD scope and sequence, which meets and exceed the Common Core State Standards. It implements the unit of study that incorporates problem-solving and higher-order critical thinking skills through balanced literacy.

English as a Second Language

ESL is provided to students who are native to another language other than Spanish/English. ESL students in grades 1-8 are serviced for one (45 minutes) period daily. Pre-K and Kindergarten students are serviced 2-3 times a week.

Middle and high school students are offered a lab in addition to their ESL instruction. The lab is supported by Pearson products (System 44 or Read 180) to offer additional literacy instruction in English. Students in grades 1-6 are serviced mainly in a pull-out format, in which students are provided instruction utilizing Balanced Literacy, WIDA and ESL standards. Middle school and high school students receive services as a class/cohort or by the level of English proficiency.

The Departmentalized ESL Program is available at the high school level, where Spanish-native speakers receive content instruction in their native language (Spanish only). As referred to in the One Way Program description, the goal is to further support the departmentalized program via the One-Way methodology by September 2016.