my child does not have a device. how can i request a device?

If you would like to request a device for your child, please contact the appropriate building administrator and secretary.

Arlene Ngang@epsd.org
Daniela Small-Baileydsmallbailey@epsd.org
Dorian Milteerdmilteer@epsd.org
Lamarr Thomaslthomas@epsd.org
Benjamin Surobsuro@epsd.org

laptop handling and safety

All laptops and electronic devices should be handled with the upmost care. Here are some tips to keep your district issued laptop safe and ready for use.

  1.  Shut down the laptop off daily. Don't simply put it in sleep (Closing the lid) or standby mode.
    • Click on the Apple Icon on the top left corner of the screen
    • Click "Shut Down..."
  2. Clean laptops screens only with approved solutions or monitor wipes. 
  3. Don't touch the screen with objects that can scratch the surface.
  4. Keep the lid closed when the computer is not in use for an extended period of time. This helps limit the amount of dust that can settle inside the laptop such as the keyboard and trackpad. It also saves battery life and prevents the keyboard from an accidental liquid spill damage.
  5. Laptops will overheat without proper ventilation. Please avoid placing the laptop on blankets, pillows, heaters, or other non-flat surface that could prevent sufficient ventilation.
  6. Please be mindful where you take the laptop. Avoid areas with dirt, sand, or water to prevent accidental damage to the laptop.
  7. You should always carry it in a good-quality bag that provides protection against drops and jostles. Never place anything on top of the laptop.

can not log on to the laptop at home

All district issued laptops for virtual learning should be logged in with the following credential.

Login: EPSD0 (ZERO)
Password: Abc12345

laptop freezing (Spinning Rainbow) and running slow.

- Make sure to fully shut down and restart your computer every day to ensure optimal performance.
- Make sure to be logged in as EPSD0.

connecting to the WiFi at home?

  1. There will be a WiFi Icon located on the top right corner of the Menu Bar. 
  2. Click the appropriate WiFi for your home.
  3. Enter any password that is required by your WiFi network.

Video Tutorial

The microphone and/or webcam are not working in applications (MS Teams, Zoom)

If a student is having issues with their microphone/camera on Microsoft Teams, please try the following:

Teams on Microsoft Office 365 (Web):

  1. Once logged in to Office 365, check the upper right hand corner of the URL Address bar. You will see a camera icon with a red X
  2. Click the icon
  3. Select "Always allow to access the camera and microphone.

Applications (MS Teams/Zoom) on MacOS:

  1. Click on System Preferences (Gear icon on the bottom dock)
  2. Select "Security and Privacy"
  3. Click on "Privacy" tab.
  4. Click on "Camera" and make sure to check the box of the application.
  5. Click on "Microphone" and make sure to check the box of the application

I am unable to share my screen:

  1. Click on System Preferences (Gear icon on the bottom dock)
  2. Select "Security and Privacy"
  3. Click on "Privacy" tab.
  4. Click on "Screen Recording" and check the appropriate box.

FAQ Created by: Daichi Kono