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Grieco Elementary School works to develop and maintain an atmosphere that is positive, caring and respectful, foster a love of learning that encourages creative problem solving, risk taking, and critical thinking in our learning community, create an environment in which students are able to integrate knowledge and learning into daily life in preparation for the 21st Century and to embrace and respect cultural diversity; To allow each person to achieve his/her potential through a community of collaboration in which he/she will become a contributing member of society.

We offer academic and character programs that address the needs of each of our students so that they can reach their full potential.

  • Ivy Program
  • Language Immersion Program
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Ivy Program for Grade 2

Created for academically advanced students, the program emphasizes learning experiences that push the level of conceptualization and analysis of complex ideas and problems. Beginning in the 3rd grade, the Ivy Program provides sequentially more complex learning tasks and presentation skills. The goal is for Ivy students to qualify for the high school's Academies@Englewood program in the top 10% of Bergen County applicants.

Admittance to and continuation in the Ivy Program requires the demonstration of expected skills and participation in program projects.

Current 2nd Graders:

  • Reading Grade must meet or exceed grade level at the end of the 2nd marking period (E or M)
  • Writing Grade must meet or exceed grade level at the end of the 2nd marking period (E or M)
  • Math Grade must meet or exceed grade level at the end of the 2nd marking period (E or M)
  • Winter Renaissance STAR scale score must be
    • 2nd Grade LAL: 332 or above
    • 2nd Grade Math: 330 or above
  • Report Card: Maintain E's and M's in Related Arts classes to include Physical Education, Art, Music Computers, World Language and Mandarin for the 2015-2016 reporting period

2de grado actual:

  • Grado de Lectura debe cumplir o superar el nivel de grade al final del segunda semestre (E o M)
  • Grado de Escritura debe cumplir or superar el nivel de grade al final del segundo semestre (E o M)
  • Grado de Matematicas debe cumplir o superar el nivel de grado al final del segundo semestra (E o M)
  • El resultado de la Evaluacion de Invierno "Renaissance STAR" debe ser
    • 2de Grado Lectura: 352 o mas
    • 2de Grado Matematicas: 530 o mas
  • Reporte de Calificaciones: mantener calificaciones de E y M en las clases de artes relacionadas, incluyendo Educacion Fisica, Salud, Arte, Musica, Idiomas de Mundo, y Mandarin para el periodo 2015-2016

Madarin Immersion Program

1st and 2nd grade students at Grieco receive content-based instruction in Mandarin for social studies, science and arts. They receive instruction in Mandarin for 80 minutes each day. 3rd grade students receive 40 minutes of Mandarin instruction every day.

Parents must register their child for the Mandarin program when their child is in 1st grade. We only offer beginning level Mandarin to 1st-grade students. Application forms are accepted up to the second marking period in a school year.

Spanish Immersion Program

The Dual Immersion Language Program services both Spanish speaking students who need to learn English and students who want to learn Spanish as a second language. Students learn both languages through content area instruction. A 50/50 model is delivered for all core subjects.

Research shows that early childhood is an excellent time to begin second language learning. Mastery of more than one language and understanding and appreciation of cultural and linguistic diversity greatly prepares our children for success in the 21st century.

English Spanish Dual language Immersion