Every child will reach his/her full academic, social and emotional potential in an atmosphere of collaboration, mutual respect and trust.

VisionTo accomplish our mission we will:

  • Provide a challenging curriculum
  • Deliver effective instruction based on high expectations
  • Use assessments to plan instruction and evaluate student performance and growth
  • Actively engage families and community
  • Establish and maintain a safe and orderly environment
  • Reflect on our practices and work collaboratively to improve student learning and achievement

Spanish Language Immersion

The Dual Immersion Language Program services both Spanish speaking students who need to learn English and students who want to learn Spanish as a second language. Students learn both languages through content area instruction. A 50/50 model is delivered for all core subjects. Research shows that early childhood is an excellent time to begin second language learning. Mastery of more than one language and understanding and appreciation of cultural and linguistic diversity greatly prepares our children for success in the 21st century.


Spanish Dual language Immersion (Eng)

Mandarin immersion

Kindergarten students who participate in our Chinese Mandarin Immersion Program receive content-based instruction in Mandarin for 80 minutes each day. Parents must register their child for the Mandarin Program.