Englewood Public Schools have released a free smartphone app that allows parents and students to get up-to-date information on everything happening in their schools. The app will include information such as current news about what is happening in the schools, calendar events for parents and students to plan ahead, information on staff and more.

“I am thrilled that our school district has released such a comprehensive and helpful app for our parents and students,” said Englewood Superintendent Robert Kravitz. “It is important to the school board and myself that we are transparent and have a high level of communication with the public, and that we embrace new technologies. This app will allow us to meet our school community where they are and increase engagement which parents, which is critical to our success.” 

Parents and students will also be able to get important notifications and download documents that the school district shares to the app. Both the website and app will be regularly updated to insure that everyone is always on the same page including teachers, parents and students. 

The app is part of the school district’s effort to bring Englewood schools into the 21st century and increase engagement with parents. The app is called “Englewood Public Schools” and can be downloaded on the iOS or Android app stores. You can also download by visiting https://www.epsd.org/ and clicking on the app link.