Englewood Board of Education Begins Strategic Planning Initiative to Plan for Future of School District

Englewood Board of Education Begins Strategic Planning Initiative to Plan for Future of School District

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. -- The Englewood Board of Education is beginning a Strategic Planning Initiative in partnership with the New Jersey School Boards Association to generate a plan for the future of the school district. The initiative will take input from the community and utilize academic data and research to help it meet the challenges of 21st century education and ensure that students are prepared to take the next step into colleges and careers. Attached is the Community Survey that the Board is asking that the Englewood community participate in as the first step in the strategic planning process.  

“We value the input of the entire community and will rely heavily upon it as we craft a vision for the future of our school district,” said Englewood Superintendent Robert Kravitz. “The initiative is an innovative way to gain insight from our community and plan for our future. Through this process, we will be able to set our school district on a positive course for the future of all of our students.”

The School Board will gain the insight of the community by conducting an online survey to get feedback from the public. That survey will be distributed to all Englewood residents through a variety of different platforms and delivery methods. 

“I’m excited to get this survey out to parents and the greater Englewood community and learn more about what our city wants to see in our schools,” said School Board President Kim Donaldson. “We can’t begin to grow as a school district and make the necessary changes until we hear from our community, and this process will be an excellent opportunity for that.” 

Following the survey, the school district will hold community meetings to discuss the strengths, accomplishments and challenges facing the school district as well as the goals and vision for the future. After each meeting, the outcomes will be provided on the district website. At the end of this process, the board will put together a five year plan for the district and begin implementation of that plan. 

“The New Jersey School Boards Association has a great track record of working with school districts to help them plan for the future,” said Board of Education member Molly Craig Berry. “I am confident that this process will yield tremendous results for our school and our students, and I encourage all Englewood residents to participate.” 

“It is important for the community to know that we have a plan for the future and that we are transparent about how we plan to achieve our goals,” said Board of Education Vice President Dalia Lerner. “We will work together with the public and the New Jersey School Boards Association to solve the challenges that we face as a district and come out of this process with a concrete plan to develop and uphold excellent academic standards in Englewood.”