Governor Murphy has lifted the mask mandate for school districts as of March 7,2022 and made mask wearing optional. The following are the current guidelines and informational as of March 1, 2022. 

  • The new guidelines are on the website and will be marked February 22nd, 2022, guidelines please take the time to review them.
  • Masks will be voluntary for all district stakeholders whether they be in the building or riding a school bus 
  • The quarantine guidelines that were sent out in January are still in effect. Please refer to our website for all the current guidelines. 
  • When an individual test positive for COVID when they return on the 6th to the 10th day, they must wear a mask in all activities. 
  • Mask wearing becomes mandatory when a district moves from the yellow infection rate to either orange or red. Once that happens, we will immediately move to mask wearing again and will return to non-mask wearing when we become yellow or green DOH guidance. 
  • Travel guidelines are the same if your travel is more than 24 hours domestically if you are not vaccinated you are to self-quarantine for five days or test out. If you are fully vaccinated there is no quarantining, if you travel internationally and you are not vaccinated you quarantine for five days no test out. 
  • Fully vaccinated means two doses of either Moderna or Pfizer or one dose of Johnson and Johnson. 
  • Up to date means two doses of either Moderna or Pfizer or one dose of Johnson and Johnson with a booster. 
  • Testing out of quarantine can be done with a home, rapid or a PCR test. 
  • Outbreak is 3 or more individuals testing positive in one location could result in mask wearing for 14 days. 
  • COVID PCR tests will be available for EPSD students beginning March 3. Additional information will be sent out.

For your reference, below is vaccination data for our students and staff members within each school building. 

Vaccination Data

I appreciate your cooperation please be safe and well. 

Exclusion criteria for persons with COV/D-19, COVID-19 compatible symptoms and close contacts who
meet criteria for quarantine1

NJDOH Guidance Update Brief Summary

Ronald E. Bolandi 
Interim Superintendent of Schools
Englewood Public School District